This book is created and maintained by those involved in the rust-bitcoin GitHub organization, contributions are appreciated. It covers various crates from the org and as such, aims to be useful to developers wanting to write code in Rust that interacts with the Bitcoin network. It is specifically not limited to just the rust-bitcoin crate, although that is a good starting point if you want a one-stop-shop for interacting with Bitcoin in Rust.

There are a number of good libraries outside of the rust-bitcoin organization that use the crates covered here, two that you might like to check out are:

Finally, this book is currently a work in progress but hopes to eventually cover various topics, including parsing blocks and transactions, constructing and signing transactions, receiving data over the peer-to-peer network, plus fun stuff you can do with miniscript.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Constructing and Signing Transactions
    1. SegWit V0
    2. Taproot
  3. Working with PSBTs
    1. Constructing and Signing Multiple Inputs:
      1. SegWit V0
      2. Taproot


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